Vendor Services

Risk Management is a fast moving environment. Vendors of risk software need to understand and adapt to this environment to maintain their competitive advantage. When they make a sale, they need to ensure that they have sufficient expertise and implementation resources to meet their clients’ expectations.

InteDelta has a wealth of experience in the area of risk management systems, spanning credit risk, market risk, collateral management and operational risk. Our vendor services offering packages this experience into a range of services specifically targeted at risk management vendors that help them deliver targeted solutions to their clients.

Strategic advice

InteDelta understands the risk landscape, market trends and financial institutions’ requirements from a risk management system. We are also familiar with the offerings of most major risk vendors. We use this knowledge to help vendors develop their strategies in terms of product development, defining their areas of competitive advantage and unique selling point, and to define the target market the vendor should be approaching.

Market intelligence

InteDelta has a well established methodology for conducting market intelligence studies and we have conducted studies across a variety of risk system and methodology areas. Vendors can use such studies to ascertain:

  • Market trends and their impact on financial institutions’ systems requirements
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer and market perceptions of the vendor’s products and services

Thought leadership

Vendors can enhance their reputation as thought leaders by commissioning a white paper or survey which can be used for the vendor’s marketing purposes. This can be branded in the vendor or InteDelta’s name and we can assist in the distribution and follow up of the report, for example by tracking downloads and arranging webinars or seminars to discuss the report’s findings.

We have experience of preparing thought leadership papers in a variety of risk areas and can advise on appropriate topics, conduct the research (if survey based) and provide market leading expertise to write the report. In addition to one-off thought leadership pieces we have also been engaged by vendors to produce ongoing thought leadership communications such as newsletters.

See also market intelligence for marketing purposes.

Functionality advice

We have detailed knowledge of the functionality required for best of breed risk systems. We can advise vendors on the functionality they need to develop to enhance their products and remain ahead of their competitors. This ranges from high level functional advice through to the production of detailed functional requirements specifications. 
See also Business and Functional Requirements definition.

Implementation assistance

We have extensive experience of implementing risk systems and we can assist at all levels of an implementation to supplement the vendor client resources. This can include:

  • Programme and project management
  • Requirements definition
  • Business configuration
  • Interface design
  • Testing

Contractually, we can deliver these services to the vendor or directly to the vendor’s client. 

We can apply our own well developed implementation methodology (See steps within the InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle) or we can adopt the vendor’s implementation approach.

Client consulting

A systems implementation is often accompanied by changes in processes, policies or methodologies. Vendors may be unable or unwilling to offer clients assistance in these areas, but their client offering may be enhanced by teaming up with InteDelta to meet their client’s broader needs.

We provide consulting across a wide spectrum of areas such as:


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