InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle

Within the InteDelta Consulting Approach, the definition and implementation of change is conducted according to the InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle, a structured delivery methodology developed for projects in the risk management and financial services environment.

This provides an over-arching structure to the lifecycle of change within the sphere of risk management at financial institutions, developed out of real life scenarios over multiple years of helping institutions manage change to risk management organisation, policies, methodologies, processes and systems.

At its core the InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle is a modular set of services in order to take organisations through the end to end process of change:  from diagnosis and definition; through to benefits assessment; and finally implementation.

For many of these modular steps, we have developed industry proven tools to support our clients in the given stage of the process.

Diagnosis and definition Benefits Assessment Implementation

InteDelta Delivery
Lifecycle Phase




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Business End State Model Definition Target Operating Model
  • Definition of strategic business organisation, mandate, roles and responsibilities
  • Definition of end-to-end business processes
Risk Map
  Policy and Methodology Review
  • Review and definition of impacted risk policies and methodologies
  Market Intelligence Benchmarking
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Client validation
  Initial Business Case Definition
  • Preparation of initial business case for change
InteDelta Benefit Assessor Suite
  Business and Functional Requirements
  • Definition of detailed business and functional requirements and Functional Component Model 
Technology End State Model Definition Buy/Build Assessment
  • Assessment of internal and external technology options
InteDelta System Select
  Solution Definition
  • Definition of the final technology solution to meet the end-to-end process requirements
Benefits Assessment Full Business Case and Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Full Cost Benefit Analysis incorporating technology Total Cost of Ownership, revenue impact assessment, operational cost reduction assessment, capital benefits assessment etc
InteDelta Benefit Assessor Suite
Integrated Implementation Organisational Change and Business Process Re-engineering
  • Implementation of any organisational changes agreed under the TOM definition
  • Implementation of the integrated business processes
  • Implementation of any required risk policies
  • Subject matter training
  Technology Implementation
  • Implementation of the defined technology solution
  • Includes InteDelta technology development (e.g. quantitative model development) where appropriate
Outsourced Risk Support Services  
  • Provision of outsourced risk support services and other ongoing support as required

We recognise that many institutions may already be part way through a programme of change or may only require a particular module from within this broader lifecycle of change.  With this in mind, we have developed the InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle with full flexibility such that an organisation can choose to utilise only a specific module (e.g. System Selection or Target Operating Model) or can start to leverage our approach from any given point in the process. With similar adaptability, all modules are designed to be sufficiently flexible to ensure that the approach easily scales upwards or downwards appropriately for projects of any given size without compromising rigour.

Where an organisation already has a defined internal project process to follow, we have the experience to align our structure with this and deliver the key value adding elements of our approach within the context of the organisation’s internal framework and terminology.

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