About Us

InteDelta helps financial institutions to better manage their risk. Combining a structured consulting approach with subject matter expertise, we work with our global client base to implement risk management best practice.

The InteDelta Service Offering

  • An industry leading consulting approach – At the heart of everything we do is the InteDelta Consulting Approach (IDCA), an industry leading consulting approach which has been specifically devised to support risk management initiatives, combining a structured delivery approach with core subject matter expertise.
  • Subject matter expertise – We believe that depth of subject matter understanding is critical to the success of any risk management change initiative. Our areas of expertise cover the major risks faced by financial institutions: credit, market liquidity and operational risk, alongside more niche specialisms such as collateral management.
  • Services designed for risk management – Our core service is consulting which we deliver through the InteDelta Consulting Approach. Within this approach, we have multiple services which can either be provided discretely as standalone services or as a larger integrated programme of change.
  • Market leading tools – The InteDelta Consulting Approach utilises a number of tools which help us analyse our client’s environment, quantify benefits and implement change in a structured and effective manner.
  • A global client base – Our clients are globally recognised institutions spanning Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East on both the buy and sell-side. 

InteDelta Management

InteDelta’s management team are Michael Bryant and Nicholas Newport. 

Michael Bryant is a Managing Director of InteDelta. He specialises in risk policy, governance and methodology and oversees InteDelta’s client engagements in this area. Michael has undertaken consulting engagements for banks, asset managers, hedge funds and risk software vendors, providing strategic advice on risk management best practice.

Prior to InteDelta, Michael was a Managing Director at ING Bank in London where he was globally responsible for financial markets risk measurement.

Email: michael.bryant@intedelta.co.uk 

Nicholas Newport is a Managing Director of InteDelta and specialises in risk and collateral management with a particular current focus on regulatory driven change.  Nicholas is a recognised industry thought leader in these areas and oversees InteDelta’s large-scale risk and collateral transformation engagements covering organisational, process and technology change.  His consulting engagements include Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and HSBC.

Prior to founding InteDelta, Nicholas worked for ING Bank in London, where he was responsible for ING’s global credit risk and collateral management programme for financial markets. Before this, he was a Senior Manager within market risk management at Standard Chartered Bank in London and Singapore.

Email: nicholas.newport@intedelta.co.uk 


> Origin of the name “InteDelta”

We are often asked where the name “InteDelta” comes from. It’s a contraction of “Integration” and “Delta”. Delta in a mathematical context means a small change. The mathematical theory which underpins much of risk management and quantitative finance involves solving differential equations by the process of integration, which sums infinitesimally small changes. Our logo also has a hint of the mathematical symbols for integration ∫ and delta δ.

Integration and change is also relevant in the context of our consulting work. We deliver change for our clients, often by integrating new systems, policies or processes into their organisation. 

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