Market Intelligence

Our consulting engagements often require market practice to be ascertained amongst our clients’ peers. The purpose may be to benchmark the client against best market practice or to assist the client in developing its plans for change. As subject matter experts, InteDelta is often able to provide this input from our existing knowledge of risk management. In other cases a more formal market intelligence study is required in which we independently survey a client’s peers, customers or other market participants.     

We have an established methodology  for the conduct of market intelligence which has proven value in obtaining the answers clients need whilst respecting the confidentiality of the survey participants. As with all of our services, market intelligence studies are conducted by experienced consultants who are subject matter experts. We believe that the ability to fully interpret interviewees’ answers and to ask pertinent supplementary questions are essential to obtaining the most from a study.     

Our market intelligence methodology is an integrated part of the InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle and often forms part of a larger piece of consulting work for the client. A market intelligence study may, however, be commissioned as a standalone piece of work.  An alternative reason for a client wishing to commission a market intelligence study is to put a piece of research in the public domain for their own marketing purposes – see market intelligence for marketing purposes .   

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