Training is often an essential component of a programme of change and training is an integrated component of the InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle. Training may be required on a technical risk management area or as a result of policy, process or systems changes.

We also provide training on a standalone basis in all of our areas of expertise.

Whether training is needed as part of a large consulting engagement or on a standalone basis our training is highly customised to client requirements. We start by understanding who will be the audience to be trained, what they need to know to perform their roles, and what is their current level of knowledge. We can then plan the content of the training, which is usually a mixture of conceptual and more practical content on "the way it works" in the particular organisation.

We next consider the form of the training – does the client want highly participative sessions with a mixture of lectures, case studies and role-plays, or a lecture only format? Our preference is for the former, as studies show that adults learn best in such an environment. However, this format may not be appropriate if group sizes are large or participants have a wide range of seniority or experience.

Being a subject matter expert does not necessarily make for a good trainer. Our trainers are therefore experts in their field but also have considerable training experience.

Training can be delivered at clients’ premises or we can arrange for a convenient external location such as a hotel. 

InteDelta does not sell off-the-shelf training courses which are available for general public attendance. Nevertheless, we have a variety of courses which our trainers have previously delivered which can be adapted to new clients’ requirements on a cost effective basis.

In addition to working directly for end clients, InteDelta accepts engagements from training companies to provide content and trainers for courses they are marketing.

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