Services & Expertise

Clients engage InteDelta because they wish to embed change within their organisation that will bring them measureable benefits. This might include:

  • Implementing a new risk system
  • Improving the efficiency of the risk management process
  • Developing a new risk policy or methodology

We are engaged both for our subject matter expertise and for our structured delivery approach. These twin elements form the foundation of the InteDelta Consulting Approach.

All of our services and tools are integrated under the InteDelta Consulting Approach but they can also be delivered discretely if a client does not wish to engage us for an entire programme of work.

Under the InteDelta Consulting Approach, we manage the end to end process of change according to the InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle. In the first stage of this process we work with our clients to define the target business goals of the initiative and the overall business end state model. A key aspect of this phase is to assess the benefits of the proposed initiative using metrics appropriate to the client’s situation. Where there is a need for change to meet these business goals, we then define the target end state solution which will best meet the business goals. This end state is expressed in terms of organisational structure, business process environment, policies, methodologies and technology.

From this, we move into the implementation phase in which we deliver the recommended change in line with the stated benefits. 

At the centre of our approach is our extensive subject matter expertise. We also deploy a range of services and tools through the lifecycle of change. For example:

  • We have a proven methodology for the conduct of market intelligence in which we benchmark clients against their peer group
  • Our Benefit Assessor suite is a range of tools which define a set of measurement criteria against which the success of a programme of change can be measured
  • Our system selection methodology and System Select suite of tools provide an established approach to help clients select the risk and trading systems which are most appropriate for their requirements
  • Our Target Operating Model methodology helps clients define their target business operating models in a structured way

Click here for more detail on the InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle.

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