Review and Market Benchmarking of Collateral Management Solution

Major Financial Services Software Vendor

Client Requirement:

The client had recently added a collateral management system solution to its suite of products and wished to benchmark its overall product offering versus its competitors and the wider needs of the collateral management industry.

Our Engagement:

InteDelta was engaged by the client to undertake a holistic review of its collateral management offering and benchmark this against its competitors and the wider needs of the collateral management market. 

The benchmarking focused on both the product’s functional capabilities and its market positioning/sales and marketing processes. This exercise incorporated a market study involving 15 financial institutions covering a range of topics including:

  • The main collateral management issues being experienced by financial institutions;
  • How financial institutions are tackling these issues;
  • The typical budgets for these projects;
  • What are the key industry challenges for the short, medium and long term?

Our Approach:

On commencement of the engagement, we surveyed the key stakeholders within the vendor to fully understand the product, the sales lifecycle and marketing activity. With this information we defined the research to focus on the relevant areas.

Utilising our collateral management subject matter expertise and our extensive network across the financial services sector we conducted a detailed benchmarking study.  Overlaying this with our internal knowledge of best practice we made a series of recommendations in regards to product development strategy and how the vendor should approach its sales and marketing lifecycle.

Business Benefits:

Through leveraging InteDelta’s expertise and proven market intelligence methodology the client was able to utilise the results of the study to align itself with market best practice enhancing its offering to existing and prospective clients.

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