How We Conduct Market Intelligence

We have an established methodology for the conduct of market intelligence studies: 

Compile questionnaire and survey group

We work interactively with the client to compile a questionnaire and the survey group of competitors, client or other market participants. As part of this process we advise the client on the types of questions where we expect and do not expect to be able to obtain good quality information.

Hold interviews

We approach contacts within the survey group to hold interviews. We cannot guarantee that all members of the survey group will agree to interviews, but we will advise the client of the success rate we expect. Historically, we have achieved a success rate of over 65% in obtaining interviews with selected participants.

Market intelligence studies are usually conducted on a confidential basis. The client is not identified as the sponsor and the responses given by interviewees are not attributed to them. Interviewees may be offered a summary report of the survey as an inducement to take part, but this will be far less detailed than the version given to the sponsor.

Unlike some firms who use junior researchers to conduct market intelligence studies, our studies are conducted by experienced consultants who are able to discuss issues with the participants and obtain more colour to the answers.

Analysis and report

We provide an analysis of the key trends identified in the survey, together with any requested benchmarking and recommendations. The detailed responses to each survey question are included as an appendix. We often also hold presentations and workshops to discuss the results, and these are given by the consultant who conducted the interviews.


We adhere to a strict code of confidentiality in the conduct of market intelligence. Unless specifically stated and permission is given, responses given by participants will not be attributed and nothing will be communicated to a third party that enables a response to be associated with a particular participant. Where a piece of market intelligence is sponsored by a client, the sponsor will not be identified to the research participants unless this is specifically requested.

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