Business and Functional Requirements for Collateral Management

Detailed definition of business and functional requirements are critical to the success of all technology re-engineering projects. These form a core building block to identifying the right technology solution to meet business needs, whether this ultimate solution might be a bespoke build, vendor package or mixture of the two. For a complex technology implementation such as that required to support the end to end collateral process (particularly in a mixed cleared and OTC execution environment), clearly documented business and functional requirements are of particular importance.

Within the InteDelta Delivery Lifecycle for Collateral Management, the scope of the requirements gathering and documentation typically incorporates definition of:

  • Requirements for data aggregation, validation and sourcing
  • Margin calculation requirements (including portfolio margining methodologies)
  • Margin management requirements (including cross-product margining)
  • Collateral inventory management requirements (including collateral optimization techniques)
  • Income management requirements (interest, corporate actions etc)
  • Portfolio reconciliation requirements
  • Disputes management requirements
  • Reporting
  • Performance and timeliness of processing

For more details on our wider approach to business and functional requirements definition, see our overall business and functional requirements page.

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