Collateral Management System Select

Undertaking collateral management system selections can often be a time consuming process for financial institutions. Understanding the collateral management technology landscape of market vendors, the strengths and weaknesses of each particular vendor and the costs involved in implementation and ongoing support can often be a complex and confusing task.

Systems selection processes may be undertaken as part of a wider Collateral Management Solution Definition exercise, or as a standalone Request for Information (RFI)/Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

The InteDelta Collateral Management System Select tool has been developed to enable our clients to identify the most appropriate collateral management system in optimal timeframes. This comprises of a pre-configured tool which we use to score collateral management systems. 

The diagram below shows the primary components of the Collateral Management System Select tool.

This can also be easily extended to incorporate a client’s particular requirements.

The vendor justification step in the process provides a summary of the selection and scoring process which can then be used for management approval and/or communication of the basis for the selection decision.

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