Review of Collateral Management Organisation and Systems

Global Investment Bank

Client Requirement: 

The client wished to re-engineer its collateral management infrastructure to meet (and ultimately exceed) market best practice. The remit of this initiative covered all of the bank’s collateralised product lines (OTC Derivatives, Repo, Securities Lending, Futures & Options and Prime Brokerage) and the end-to-end collateral process – from margin management to inventory management and the pledging of collateral.

Our Engagement:

InteDelta was engaged by the client to provide project management and business analysis consultancy to support both the technology and organisational change involved in designing and implementing the bank’s strategic cross product collateral management application. 

Our engagement evolved through the lifecycle of the project from initial strategic advice on organisation and business process, through to functional analysis relating to implementation.

Our Approach:

InteDelta provided a team of consultants, from project managers to business analysts working across multiple programme work streams alongside the client’s staff and various vendor consultants in the US and Europe. 

We undertook an analysis of all collateral management activities across the client organisation, and designed harmonised data structures and business process. We then worked with the client IT function to develop and implement a technology solution to support these requirements.

Business Benefits:

The client achieved wide ranging business benefits from the initiative, improving risk management; increasing operational efficiency; reducing cost and enhancing client service. 

Together these benefits placed the client at the forefront of best practice within the collateral management industry.

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