InteDelta releases white paper on 'What is Enterprise Collateral Management?'

The parallel adoption of the Basel III enhanced capital adequacy framework and the various strands of regulation implementing the G20's OTC derivatives reforms presents a massive challenge to financial market participants that must be addressed if anything close to current levels of activity and returns are to be maintained. As well as the effort required to achieve compliance with explicit requirements, the evolving regulatory environment seems set to put intense pressure on the narrow universe of assets that will be required by banks and other financial institutions to meet minimum liquidity requirements and collateral obligations. Enterprise Collateral Management is an evolving concept that seeks to address these challenges. 

In this paper co-authored with SunGard, we examine the drivers for and approach to holistic, firm-wide collateral management. The paper explores the levels of re-engineering of existing organisational design, business processes and systems infrastructure required to achieve this, and also considers the risk management and funding benefits that can be achieved from the active and prudent management of collateral and how this provides a compelling business case for investment. 

The publication can be accessed by clicking here

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InteDelta helps financial institutions implement risk management best practice. Combining a structured consulting approach with subject matter expertise, we work with our global client base to implement risk management best practice. Our areas of expertise cover the major risks faced by financial institutions: credit, market, liquidity and operational risk, alongside niche specialisms such as collateral management. Our clients have a global spread, ranging from some of the world’s largest banks and asset managers to developing market banks, hedge funds and risk software vendors.


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