InteDelta Insight - Collateral Management and Enterprise Funding

In the light of increasing collateral requirements, there has been a clear organisational shift in the focus of collateral management within financial institutions as represented by the establishment of central collateral management desks within the front office.

Financial institutions commonly face major challenges in successfully effecting this organisational change due to a lack of clarity as to what the scope and mandate of a collateral management desk should be. This confusion is understandable given the wide ranging, and rapidly evolving, use of the term collateral management to refer to a wide variety of activities.

In the first of two InteDelta InSights focusing on the mandate of front office collateral management desks, we look specifically at the funding and liquidity management functions which our clients are incorporating into the wider collateral management remit.

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About InteDelta

InteDelta helps financial institutions implement risk management best practice. Combining a structured consulting approach with subject matter expertise, we work with our global client base to align with industry standards. Our areas of expertise cover the major risks faced by financial institutions: credit, market, liquidity and operational risk, alongside niche specialisms such as collateral management. Our clients have a global spread, ranging from some of the world’s largest banks and asset managers to developing market banks, hedge funds and risk software vendors.

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